Monday, 9 October 2017

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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Meeting: Safety, speed, and noise on Otter Point and West Coast Roads

I’ve been getting wonderful images daily from The Story People for years. But, one stopped me with its important question:

 Real Question ©2017 Brian Andreas
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Of course, it could be answered on a global level, an environmental level, a political level. But I answered it on a local level.  Do I want to live in this West Coast Road/ Otter Point Road world where there is consistent speeding, terrible noise from trucks using jake brakes and motorcycles without mufflers? This beautiful world where the sound of birds disappears for hours at a time.

People tell me their stories: chasing after speeding motorcycles with a broom; standing in their path; having to wear ear protectors all the time when they are outside. People no longer walk the road, there are very few cyclists.
Companies in Victoria are afraid to deliver on the West Coast Road because there are so many people speeding.

What kind of world do we want?

Meeting: Safety, speed, and noise on Otter Point and West Coast Roads

November 5, 2017
1:15 to 3:00 P.M.
JDF building on Otter Point Road, 3-7450 Butler Road, Otter Point, BC

We’ve asked the following people to give short presentations:

  • Shawn Haley-Ministry of Transportation
  • Jeff McArthur-RCMP
  • Al Wickheim-Emergency Preparedness
  • Colleen Woodward-ICBC
  • Truck Loggers Association representative.

There will be lots of time for questions, comments, and personal stories.
Bring them. What kind of world do we want?

Water Sustainability: Free CRD Meeting

Saturday, 30 September 2017

September Quarterly Director’s Report

Greetings! We hope you all had a chance to enjoy the glorious summer weather we had and are back into the swing of the coming fall season.

Although your board is now following a quarterly meeting schedule format, directors were still quite busy working in and for our communities during our summer recess. 

Membership Drive

We started our membership drive this summer by revising the old OPSRRA membership brochures to a new format and hosting an information booth at Shirley Day on Saturday August 18 on the grounds of the Shirley Community Hall. Many thanks go out to our OPSRRA member volunteers Bob and Heather Phillips, Alison and David Maule-Kronmiller, and board directors Wendy Morton and Brenda Mark, who worked the booth tirelessly that day answering questions about OPSRRA and enrolled over ten new members! 

We’re also hoping to host our next booth at the Sooke Fall Fair Arts and Crafts show on November 17-19, as well as other opportunities. If you would like to volunteer and help us host the OPSRRA booth at this next event, please contact us by email at

Community Signage

OPSRRA is submitting a request letter to Mike Hicks for funding from CRD and/or B.C. Hydro to erect community signage (“Welcome to Jordan River”) at the east and west borders of the Jordan River along Highway 14 (West Coast Road) given the deteriorating state of existing signs. The new signage would be of a similar wood design to that of Shirley and Otter Point, and symbolize the importance of the Jordan River community to the social, economic and environmental welfare of our electoral region. We will keep you posted.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, and/or you wish to volunteer your time and assistance in any way at 

In the meantime, have a safe and wonderful fall, everyone, and we hope to see you at our General Meeting on November 5!

Jordan River Rezoning

As you’ve probably also heard and/or read, our community members in Jordan River presented their concerns and inputs to the Shirley/Jordan River Advisory Planning Commission (APC), at their meeting on August 2, 2017, around a proposed re-zoning by-law (Bylaw # 4188) for the hamlet, rezoning the properties being sold there to a new Restricted Development–Flood Hazard Area (RD-1) zone.  OPSRRA has also prepared a submission to the LUC, supporting APC’s motions regarding proposed Bylaw # 4188. A representative from the OPSRRA board will be attended an Information Session on September 22, 2017.

Update: Highway 14 Safety and Access

Some of you may recall, from our AGM in the spring, discussions regarding safety and access issues along Hwy 14 in our communities. Although this has been a very long-standing issue, we have been hearing increasing concerns from our communities and social media, via our FaceBook page, as well as neighbouring municipalities, on the issues of road safety, speed of some vehicles (particularly industrial vehicles and motorcycles) and increased traffic volumes which have hampered both the public road safety and the smooth movement of traffic along this important artery. 

These concerns have been expressed through the launch of social media campaigns such as the #DividedBy14 initiated by Sooke residents, as well as our CRD Director contacting forest companies re: early/late hour noise of un-muffled motorcycles and unsafe speeds of industrial truck traffic travelling through our communities. At the September 5th board meeting, OPSRRA directors drafted and are sending a letter to our MLA, the Honourable John Horgan expressing our concerns about access and safety including the lack safe pullouts and signage, unsafe shoulders for pedestrians and cyclists, the need for more traffic and speed enforcement and the increased number of accidents. 

Directors have also decided to host a General Membership meeting this fall to discuss safety and access Issues along Hwy 14 and explore possibilities for improvement. Details are still being worked out, but please hold the date of Sunday November 5 at 1:30 PM in the JdF Services Building (3–7450 Butler Road, Otter Point) for this important meeting.

Update: Cell Towers

The proposed placement of new cell towers by Freedom Mobile on Kemp Lake Road in Otter Point (one of two) has also been a topic of concern these past few months with respect to potential effects on health, property value and aesthetics.  We have been supporting community members in taking these concerns to the Juan de Fuca Land Use Committee (LUC) and communicating with CRD (Capital Regional District) on this issue. OPSRRA recognizes the importance of improved cell reception in our communities for a variety of reasons. However, we also maintain that our unincorporated communities and the associations that help to represent them, such as OPSRRA, need to be duly consulted on the locations of these towers and other infrastructure to the same extent as municipal districts to ensure these concerns are addressed. 

We have been corresponding with our regional director, Mike Hicks, to request that OPSRRA also be consulted on these issues as part of the process so that we can more effectively support our community members and work collaboratively with agencies to find optimal solutions for all. CRD has confirmed that OPSRRA will receive information packages from telecommunications providers in our communities in the future. This will help to keep us in the loop and give us the opportunity to air the concerns of our members.